Treasury - Director of Revenue


The Treasury Director of Revenue is responsible for assisting the VP of Treasury in the development of Project Management Professionalism through the independent verification of chapter revenues and the monthly reconciliation of financial accounts to bank statements.

High-Level Key Responsibilities:

  1. Provide independent validation of proper financial oversight of revenues and company assets.
  2. Review / approve bank reconciliations on a monthly basis.
  3. Provide board visibility to contractual agreements / financial commitments.
  4. Assist in implementing financial oversight process improvements.

Detailed Responsibilities:

  1. Primary revenue director responsibilities include:
  2. Receive and reconcile bank reconciliations on a monthly basis.
  3. Create profit and loss summaries for all chapter events and programs.
  4. Update contract expiration schedule on a quarterly basis.
  5. Assist implementing process improvements to strengthen the timeliness and transparency of reporting and effective accounting controls.
  6. Ensure a smooth knowledge transfer to the next elected Director of Revenue.
  7. Attend PMICFC Board Meetings as able.  Collaborate with the VP of Treasury to provide board information updates and reports.

Time Commitment:

2 - 4 hours per month.


  1. Work closely with the VP of Treasury.
  2. Develop skills required to analyze and reconcile transactions, and deliver effective and timely communications.
  3. Work with the Finance team to evaluate and implement effective financial internal controls and communication strategies.
  4. Build relationship skills through interfacing with chapter members and the Finance team.
  5. Acquire a better understanding of how Chapter Business is conducted.
  6. Cross train in other team roles to explore other volunteer opportunities within the PMICFC Chapter.
  7. PMPs will receive 5 PDUs for each year of service.