Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering within PMI and the PMI Central Florida Chapter can be an essential component to your career growth. You will have the opportunity to develop new skills working on types of projects not available to you in your current position.

PMICFL is a professional organization driven by (volunteer) professionals. Volunteers like you help us grow and serve our profession and the community at large. This is your chance to give back to your profession while gaining valuable experience, knowledge, and recognition. Whether you are interested in a little or a lot, we need you!

Why should you volunteer? 

  • Get more involved. Learn more about PMI and the chapter

  • Make new friends and professional networking contacts

  • Improve your project management and leadership skills

  • Mentor someone and share your knowledge

  • Make a difference within our community

  • Help to improve or add events and resources for the chapter members

  • It's an opportunity to give back to the profession.

See where your gifts and talents may be used by submitting a volunteer application - or contact the volunteer management team for further information.

PMI CFL Volunteer Roles

Here is a list of volunteer positions that are currently open for the PMI Central Florida Chapter


Position:    Director of Web Services


Interested in helping out on a project? The following is a list of projects the Leadership Teams have identified. Each will require a project manager and potentially team members. Participating on a project team allows you to volunteer and utilize your skills without a long term commitment. Some projects have a target completion date. If you are interesting in any of these projects, please contact the volunteer management team.

Contact the volunteer management team  for more information on a particular volunteer opportunity.

Volunteer Management Model

The PMI Central Florida Chapter is implementing a more mature Volunteer Management Model. This model defines four levels of volunteers. As a volunteer grows, the next steps in the ladder have been defined.

Level One is the entry level for a short term project or perhaps working a single event. 

Level Two is for longer term projects or roles that may be up to a one year commitment. These are coordinator or manager roles with less than 10 hours of investment per month.

Level Three is for director level (one year) appointments. Directors typically have teams reporting to them. These roles typically have between 10-20 hours investment per month.

Level Four volunteers are the elected officers of the Chapter such as the President and Vice Presidents of each Leadership team. It is a two year commitment and will be at least 20 hours investment per month. Vice Presidents have two or more directors that report to them.

There are benefits associated with each level and increase commensurate with your investment. These include discounts, leadership development and of course - resume enhancers!

Where should you start? Why not select a level one or level two opportunity first? Get to know some of the terrific volunteers and chapter members. Once you have completed your volunteer assignment or project, we'll be happy to work with you on your next opportunity!