Carol Francum, Vice President of Education

January 1, 2021

Hello PMI Central Florida Chapter Members,

     I am looking forward to working with the PMI Chapter on Educatoin, Training, and Career-Development in these upcoming two years.  The Chapter is approaching these issues with the intent of making each and every member more valued as an employee.  We will continue to maintain our rock-solid certification training under which all students have passed their respective certification exams.  Our offerings are superior to all other programs that we have been able to review.  We are also embarking on complimentary training which is non-certification related, but will add to the portfolio of skills that our Project Management Professionals possess.  Our Chapter is often aproached by large corporations requesting Project Managers with experience in allied areas such as Finance, Master Data, Business Process Re-Engineering, Government Compliance, Enterprise Architecture, and Cyber Security.  By providing training in these and other areas, our members will be even more valuable in the career arena.  Finally, the Chapter is coordinating all of this in conjunction with creating more Career relataed events, thus bringing our high-quality Project Managers right to the request sourcing.  We expect this approach to be a win-win on all sides.  Our Chapter will also embark on both virtual and on-demand methods of training delivery to provide an extra convenience to our busy membership.    


Carol Francum
Vice President of Education